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PROPANE-BUTANE GAS in a mixture, according to standard CN-2711 19 00
PROPANE GAS according to standards CN-2711 12 94, CN-2711 12 97, CN-2711 12 11


GASOLINES 95E5, 98E5, according to standard EN-228


DIESEL FUELS with sulfur content up to 10ppm, according to standard EN-590

Motor Oil

BASE OILS according standards SAE -10, 20, 30, 40

About Us

Pazoil Trade LTD is a company operating in the energy market. We trade the products derived from refined petroleum and natural gas. We import energy products to EU countries from Russia, Belarus, Tatarstan and Uzbekistan. We also sell within the EU. Our company is importing gas, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, as well as Bioester B100 to the Polish market. Since the 1st of August 2016 oil- derived products will be available on the following fuel depots in Poland:




The strategic positioning of the company in the Republic of Cyprus, a place known of its great geo-political significance for the EU, will allow us to use in the future resources of oil and natural gas for the further development of the company.
We are in the right place at the right time.

Office Address

48 Themistokli Dervi Str, Centennial Building, Office 304/305, 1066 Nicosia, Cyprus

Polish Branch

Prusa Street 2 - 1st floor 00-493 Warsaw, Poland


Andrzej Łysejko
al@p-oil.com.cy +357 97739769

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